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WeWork Scout Books

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Lynn Krawczyk Stitched Scout Books

Good Stuff

Lynn Krawczyk

Artist Lynn Krawczyk creates bold, one of a kind stitched sketchbooks using DIY Notebooks!


Case Studies

Letterpress printed Scout Books by Brooke Condolora

Illustrator and game designer Brooke Condolora customizes blank Scout Books with hand lettering, linocut and letterpress printing.

Field Guide to Nachos

Case Studies

The Field Guide to Nachos

The folks behind the website Nachonomics recently created this handy Field Guide to Nachos.

Maria Schoettler Scout Books

Case Studies

Maria Schoettler’s Garden Companions

Maria Schoettler created this lovely set of Garden Companion notebooks inspired by her favorite plants.

Letter Writers Alliance

Case Studies

The Letter Writers Alliance

The Letter Writers Alliance created these handsome Scout Books to share their mission of good old fashioned ink to paper communication.