Cool Material: Not Safe For Work!

When Dartboard Media, the folks behind Cool Material,  set out to design a notebook, they knew they wanted something funny but functional. What’s something that everyone needs? A to-do list! And so they created this sassy pocket notebook to carry in their online store for men’s gifts.

“No one really wants to do all of the stuff on their agenda—they have to,” wrote Jenni Chasteen of Dartboard. “We figured adding some humor to the mix might lighten a busy person’s mood a bit.”

These pocket notebook feature your favorite four-letter words and reflect the universal sigh of busy task-masters everywhere. The notebooks are available for sale here on Cool Material, which boasts a curated collection of “generally awesome stuff.”

The SIGFGD Scout Books sell in a two-pack of pocket-sized chipboard tools. The graphic is also available gracing the cover of a spiral-bound notebook at a slightly larger size. Get yours now! They’re selling fast.