Scout Books and Future Tense

Scout Books and Future Tense Books

This collaboration between Scout Books and Future Tense Books has been a long time coming! We have known FTB editor Kevin Sampsell for many years, and have always wanted to work together. The time has come, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Future Tense Scout Books series features three unique, never-published works by three Future Tense authors: Melody Owen‘s Dream Journals (When I Was Nineteen I Was an Old Man), Aaron Gilbreath‘s A Secondary Landscape, and Sommer Browning‘s The Presidents and Other Jokes.

Scout Books and Future Tense Books

“We’re hoping to make this a regular series and to do three books a year this way,” Kevin said. “There are no shortage of writers I’d love to work with in this format, and the writers I’ve spoken to are excited about the idea of having these sweet little books out in the world.” This project was made possible by Kevin Sampsell, his co-editor and designer at Future Tense Bryan Coffelt, and our awesome team at Scout Books.

Scout Books and Future Tense Books

To celebrate the release of these new titles, we’re having a party this weekend! On Saturday, April 13, join us at the IPRC at 7pm for snacks, drinks, books and short readings from Aaron and Melody. (We might even beam Sommer in from Denver, we’ll see!)

Kevin took the time to explain each of the titles and offered some back-story on the authors.

Scout Books and Future Tense Books Melody Owen Dream Journals

Melody Owen: Dream Journals (When I Was Nineteen I Was an Old Man)
“I think [Melody Owen's] art is wonderfully strange and a little bit uncomfortable… I was excited when she showed me a bunch of her actual dream journals. We used a simple courier-type font for this book because it almost (in a very odd, funny way) reads like a report. Like a newspaper or a captain’s log from an alternate universe.” Check out a recent interview with Melody here

Scout Books and Future Tense Books Aaron Gilbreath A Secondary Landscape

Aaron Gilbreath: A Secondary Landscape
“I feel really lucky and happy to give [Aaron] his first book. I’m sure it will be the first of many. A Secondary Landscape is a really fun essay about travel, young ideas of shamanism, and drug experimenting.” Read a review of Aaron’s title here.

Scout Books and Future Tense Books Sommer Browning Presidents

Sommer Browning: The Presidents and Other Jokes
“Summer Browning is very funny and smart and has a vast knowledge of presidents throughout history, especially funny factoids about them and/or made up stuff. Her book has jokes about all forty-six presidents as well as other stuff about the Internet and Abercrombie & Fitch. Sommer just had a baby girl and I bet the corners of these books get chewed on all the time at her house. The cover is made of really chewable chipboard paper.” Sommer’s Twitter has lots of funny stuff to read.

All three titles are available online in the Future Tense store, and will soon be available at bookstores and other retail locations. Or, come to our party and pick up your copy in person!