La Cocina Presents The San Francisco Street Food Festival

La Cocina presents the annual San Francisco Street Food festival, celebrating the independent spirit (and deliciousness) of the growing grassroots industry.

La Cocina is an incubator kitchen in San Francisco that supports low-income entrepreneurs as they grow their restaurants and food-related businesses in the Bay Area.

This summer they organized the third annual San Francisco Street Food Festival in The City’s Mission District, celebrating the independent spirit and delicious offerings of local street food vendors. Attendees received a special festival passport, fit into the pocket-sized 32 pages of the Scout Book. La Cocina also produced a separate Scout Book for their Street Food Conference that directly followed the festival.

The festival was followed by a conference about the rise of street food.

For the third year in a row, a smorgasbord of international chefs has convened in the Mission District to celebrate the culture of homegrown business embodied in the street food industry.

La Cocina and the Street Food Festival have heartwarming and empowering beginnings. Started in 2005, ”La Cocina was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit of women vendors in San Francisco’s Mission District who launched businesses out of their homes, on the streets and wherever they could find the spaces to do it.” This awesome video details why street food is an important part of a neighborhood and how it contributes to a rich local culture.

The non-profit organization advocates for progressive city politics that allow street vendors to share their delicious skills with their communities, and offers financial and technical assistance to their network of entrepreneurs.

The Scout Book featured details about each vendor, and room to take notes on delicious eats.

The spread of vendors present at the festival included long-established San Francisco eateries like Bi-Rite Creamery, as well as newer, home-grown businesses from the La Cocina family such as Delicias Salvadoreñas. Delicias Salvadoreñas embodies the independent spirit that La Cocina is dedicated to fostering.

"This is not your mama's banana bread. Unless she is Salvadorean." Delicias Salvadoreñas is a La Cocina partner that hand-makes traditional baked goods.

A family-owned business run by Patricia Rodriguez, Delicias Salvadoreñas offers breads and pastries hand-made in the El Salvadorian tradition that can be found at Bay Area farmers markets and grocery stores.

A passport to deliciousness.

La Cocina looks at the festival as not only a celebration of food and business, but a celebration of the neighborhood. A neighborhood is defined by its people, its sounds and its smells. It’s defined by activity in the streets and interactions on the sidewalks. “Food lies at the heart of this community,” writes La Cocina on their website, and this festival proves that.

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