Make Your Own Holiday Gift Guide

Make Your Own Scout Books are a fun, budget-friendly way to share gifts with many people in your life this holiday season. Whether it’s for family, friends, or your network of clients and colleagues, our format makes it easy for you to give something special to those you love. We’ve compiled a few fun ideas for projects to help inspire you this year:


Ideas for Notebooks:

Our Notebooks come standard with your custom cover design, and Blank, Lines, Grid, or Dot Grid pages. The possibilities for  gift-giving these are, literally, endless! We have a handy minimum order of 50 pieces. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Design a Scout Book made especially for holding holiday to-do lists.

2. Create a gratitude journal for your loved ones.

3. Design a food and/or exercise journal for friends planning to get healthy in the new year.

4. Design a smashing favor for a holiday party.

5. Create a dynamic—and useful!—holiday or New Year card.

 Our Notebooks have a standard turnaround time of 10 business days plus shipping.

Ideas for Books:

With a minimum order of 250 pieces, our custom Books are ideal for businesses or collaborative projects. Individuals can share concept, design, and cost, and then share the complete order when it’s complete. Businesses with a more robust budget can go wild to create a thoughtful end-of-year gift and marketing piece. A few ideas:

1. Create a collaborative recipe book.

Get together with a few of your family members, favorite home-cooking friends, or employees to design a recipe book for the holidays. You can split the cost as many ways and make plenty of gifts for all to share.

2. Illustrate a coloring book.

Gather 10 friends. Have everyone contribute three 3.5x5in drawings. Share 25 each of the final books among the team for gifting. Boom! You could also create a book of crosswords, or puzzles and activities for kids.

3. Create a humorous annual report for your company or studio.

There’s no better way to poke fun at our data-driven culture than a silly annual report. How many cups of coffee does it take to get your office moving each day? How many vacation hours were used up this summer, and where did everyone go? This is a great way to share your company culture and brand in an end-of-year gift.

4. Design a book to hold top-ten lists.

Arm your colleagues with a tool for tracking their favorite (and least favorite) experiences in the New Year. We’re imagining top ten lists for everything from pizza slices to favorite walks.

5. Create an annual publication.

We all know incredible writers, photographers, illustrators, and critics—so why not put together a super year-end publication with your most talented friends and family?! It’d be the perfect place for your brother’s essay about kale chips, your Mom’s musings on Miley Cyrus, and your excellent nature photography.

 Our Books have a standard turnaround time of 14 business days plus shipping.

We’re always happy to talk about turnaround times! Please get in touch if you have a specific in-hand date, and we’ll figure out how to make it happen. You can reach us during the week at or (503) 238-4514. We’re also on Twitter @scoutbooks. Talk to you soon!