PieLab Cookbook: The Dollop Report

Founded in 2009 by a team of Project M designers, PieLab is a restaurant and design-for-good project incubator in rural Greensboro, Alabama. PieLab started out as a design studio, pop-up café, and community gathering place, and is now a thriving part of Greensboro’s creative and social community, fueled by pie. They say:

PieLab = a neutral place + a slice of pie.

A neutral place + a slice of pie = conversation.

Conversation = ideas + design.

Ideas + design = positive change.

This “neutral space”—where everyone is welcome to hang out, eat, and chat—has allowed PieLab and Greensboro’s community members to get together and voice their opinions, strike up conversations, and otherwise engage through a common love for pie. What better place to start making things happen than around a big, communal table with plenty of pie, coffee, and conversation? Brilliant!

Scout Books teamed up with PieLab to bring you PieLab Cookbook: The Dollop Report, a pocket-sized cookbook featuring favorite recipes from PieLab’s 2010 Bake-Off. This fun edition includes everything from the first-prize-winning Coconut Cream Pie (teaser: it has marshmallow fluff!) to a Compost Pie (perfect for using up summer produce!) to Classic Apple. The recipes are simple, and have the home-grown, DIY attitude that’s made PieLab’s efforts so successful at heart. The Dollop Report was designed with care and flair by none other than Amanda Buck.

The pocket-sized format lends itself perfectly to this compact cookbook—take it with you to the farmer’s market, where you’re sure to find ingredients for one of the delicious recipes in every season. Bake a pie in honor of PieLab’s activism and community spirit, invite your friends over, and start making things happen!