Stag Conference: Stories and Games

The Stag Conference is a gathering that explores creative storytelling in computer games. Held this year in the historic Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria, the one-day event featured speakers who came together to explore the rapidly evolving world of gaming culture.

As new platforms and contexts for gaming have arisen in recent years, the industry has adjusted in certain ways and fallen short in others. The conference’s focus on creative storytelling reveals an effort to explore the rich opportunity for inventive narrative in the creation of digital games.

The Stag Conference Scout Book went out to all attendees for note taking at the event’s lectures and workshops as part of a welcome kit complete with literature, programming information and more. Taking notes at a conference is a given, but we’re hoping that these pocket notebooks helped attendees begin their own imaginative narratives.

Let the storytelling begin!

Conference photos credit: Joerg Sterner