TEDxYouth Monterey

TEDx is a series of independently produced TED events that bring the heralded lecture program  to cities all over the world.

TEDxYouthDay is an international event composed of locally organized events that are designed for (and by!) young people eager to inspire their peers. By focusing on curiosity, leadership and the free exchange of new ideas, TEDxYouth nurtures the power of possibility in young people.

TEDxYouth Monterey Scout Books

TEDxYouth@Monterey, a team in central California, took it upon themselves to join the global community and organize a TEDxYouthDay event, and made Scout Books to share the programming with attendees.

The Saturday event featured presenters and performances from varied backgrounds and generations, including a coach, an inventor, a social entrepreneur, a conservationist, a local garage band, a carpenter, an actor, an author and many more. The day included a performance from a luau dance group, and a duo of local high school students painted a graffiti-inspired mural to round out the programming.

We’re thrilled when our clients take the pocket-sized publishing format of Scout Books and use it to share big ideas. Kudos to co-organizer Bob Cole, event-planner Sumaya Agha and the rest of the TEDxYouth@Monterey team for putting the event together. In addition, graphic designer Joyce Lin donated her time and energy to produce the event’s graphic identity—all for an excellent event that harnesses the power of youth and curiosity.