Urban Outfitters Craftsman’s Guild

Urban Outfitters has long been celebrated for producing impressive artistic window displays at their retail stores, creating wild, three dimensional presentations to nab our attention. These colorful arrangements are concepted and assembled by Urban Outfitters’ team of Display Artists, an eclectic team of experimental artists and craftspeople.

Each of the 161 Urban Outfitters stores in North America has a team of in-house Display Artists who spend their days experimenting with materials and building impressive window tableaus. They are also responsible for designing in-store layouts and installations. The expansive creative team recently received a Display Training Guide full of tips and tools to aid them in their processes. Included in that package? A set of custom Scout Books.

Each kit contained three Scout Books, one each of grid, lined and blank interiors

Chris Woodhead, Field Display Manager for Urban Outfitters, explained:

“The Display Artists are the guys and gals creating the amazing visual elements within our retail stores every season, and have historically passed on the unique methods of their position by word of mouth, on the job training, trial and error, experimentation, and good old fashioned ingenuity. These types of methods are still a huge part of our visual training philosophy, but with the growth of the brand, we needed something tangible to make sure that new visual team members started their careers at UO on the right foot.”


Each Display Training Guide package included one grid, one lined, and one blank Scout Book notebook imprinted with the Urban Outfitters Craftsman’s Guild branding. The package of resources for both veteran and new Display Artists also included a detailed training manual, an aluminum clipboard case, carpenters pencils, a canvas tool pouch, and a multi-tool from Buck Knives.

Each piece of the package boasts the Craftsmans Guild signature blade crest branding, unifying the creative individuals who are spread across UO’s many retail locations.

The entire kit was branded with the saw blade logo, and contained a detailed training guide.

How will these Scout Books be used? The Display Artists are the creative forces in the UO stores, Woodhead, says, and so their Scout Books are bursting with concept sketches, plans, measurements, materials lists, supplier contact information and more. Woodhead says, “No more tearing off receipt tape from the cash registers to make notes!”